Resources and Goals

The MedInUP is a cross-faculty resource hosted by the University of Porto, based in research laboratories in the:

·            Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics

(Faculty of Medicine)

·            Department of Pharmacology and Neurobiology

(Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar)

·            Department of Drug Sciences, Laboratory of Pharmacology

(Faculty of Pharmacy)

·            Laboratory for Bone Metabolism and Regeneration

(Faculty of Medical Dentistry)


The MedInUP uses existing infrastructures and top-rated resources and at bringing together scholars with scientific affinities from a broad spectrum of Pharmacological Sciences and Biomedicine. The University of Porto strategy is to become a top research university within 5-years time by pushing forward science and technology research investments in highly-recognized fields, such as the world top 200 Pharmacology and Pharmacy. The MedInUP major goal is to identify multidisciplinary disease-oriented research projects leading to cutting edge R&D programmes in drug discovery to bolster pharmaceutical innovation and personalized medicine. This is grounded on synergies created for long between core departments.



The MedInUP is part of the University of Porto Platform on Health and Life Sciences.